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Protect Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

Whether you encounter hazards at your job site daily or infrequently, it’s wise to learn about your employer’s workers’ compensation policies and procedures before an accident occurs. This information can stop you from making a preventable error that can limit the benefits you receive for your injury.

I’m Joe Stanley of Schwartz & Schwartz, Attorneys at Law, P.A. I’ve represented many injured workers throughout Delaware who have struggled to fix mistakes they’ve made during the claims process. I don’t want you to face the same frustrating situation they did, which is why I’m sharing these tips with you. You may not know when you’ll suffer an injury at work, but you can take steps today to respond to one and protect your claim.

How To Build A Strong Claim

No matter how slight or severe your injury is, it is critical that you follow the appropriate steps for filing a claim. The insurance companies that approve workers’ comp benefits gain a profit whenever they deny a claim. They will look for any reason to reject your application.

You can prevent this from happening by:

  • Reporting your injury to your supervisor as soon as possible. If you do not require immediate medical care for your injuries, you should notify your supervisor on the day of your accident or when you became aware of your work-related medical condition.
  • Seeing your company’s approved doctor for your condition. Building a strong claim begins with documentation. Providing medical evidence can help you establish your need for benefits. It’s also important to follow your doctor’s orders regarding follow up appointments and rehabilitation.
  • Getting a second medical opinion. The doctor who your employer requires you to see for your workers’ comp issue is often paid by the insurance company that approves or denies your claim. If you think that your assigned doctor did not honestly assess your injuries, you may need to seek out another opinion.
  • Talking to an experienced attorney about your situation. Workers’ compensation attorneys are aware of the tactics that employers and their insurance providers use to limit the benefits they award. As your advocate, your attorney will put your interests ahead of theirs and give you a candid evaluation of your claim’s value.

I offer free, no-obligation consultations because I want you to get the benefits you deserve. Get answers to your workers’ comp questions, learn more about your rights and more when you talk to me.

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