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Why It’s Smart To Partner With A Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Throughout your adult life, you are the one whom others turn to when they’re struggling with problems. As a resourceful individual with plenty of common sense, you have helped others find straightforward solutions for their issues.

If you’ve been injured at work, you will need these attributes and more to successfully navigate Delaware’s workers’ compensation process. This system may be put in place to benefit the workers from all walks of life; however, the process isn’t designed to be user friendly. Without a strong legal background, you may not be able to use the law to protect your rights and your financial welfare.

When you are recovering from your injuries, don’t add legal burdens to your list of things to do. Find a legal resource that you can use to get results. Partner with me, Joe Stanley of Schwartz & Schwartz, Attorneys at Law, P.A., and let me handle these tasks. I’ve helped countless workers receive fair and full compensation for their work-related injuries, and I can do the same for you.

Advantages That I Offer My Clients

Hiring a workers’ compensation attorney after your injury makes sense. As your advocate, I can minimize the time spent pursuing a claim and make sure that you present the strongest claim possible.

Because I know how the system works, I help you:

  • Identify which documents you’ll need to submit
  • Determine which benefits you may be entitled to receive
  • Avoid making a mistake that could weaken your claim or result in a denial
  • Complete all paperwork and file it with the appropriate agency
  • Respond to any correspondence you receive from your employer or its insurance company

Even if your claim is relatively straightforward, I can review your paperwork and ensure that you use clear terminology to support your case.

How My Firm And I Can Help You

When you work with me, you gain access not only to my services, but also to other lawyers at my firm, Schwartz & Schwartz, Attorneys at Law, P.A. Our knowledge of medicine is unsurpassed. Workers’ compensation cases and personal injury claims almost always require specialized medical knowledge, and we have worked closely with doctors for many years to learn about the cause and diagnosis of injuries.

Our connections to Delaware’s medical community run deep. As a result, we are able to assist our clients to get the best medical care for their particular type of injury. We do not just rely on the doctors that the employers want our clients to use. We help our clients to be seen and treated by world-class doctors with specialized training for their particular type of injury.

The members of our legal team and I are committed to securing maximum compensation for your workplace injuries. I invite you to contact me to learn about the other benefits that my representation provides.

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